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Hi there everyone 🙂 We are Sandy and John Stewart and we are absolutely thrilled to bring you our first Safari Photography Blog. We are just so fortunate to have the opportunities we have to get out of the city and into the bush. Perhaps it’s something everyone who lives in South Africa just takes for granted? Or perhaps it’s something that isn’t seen as interesting but Africa and South Africa in particular is a wonderful mixture of first world living with huge expanses of open space that have been set aside by generations before us, for us and our future generations to enjoy as well.

So what do we want to chat about and share? We are actually not too sure. We are both figuring this all out as we go along.

To give you a bit of background, John is an Englishman who visited South Africa once about 22 years ago now and who wondered, on the only drive he did up to Sun City for an insurance conference, why there were so many people selling egg whisks on the side of the road. He very clearly remembers crossing Hartebeespoort Dam, little knowing that he would be married to a South African and they would share a holiday home there just 8 years later. After a single weekend trip to Kruger National Park where John and Sandy saw all of the Big Five twice (including a leopard up a tree with a kill) by 11 am, John declared “if you have seen one buck, you have seen them all”! Yeah right! As the leader of their Photographic Safaris to the Timbavati and Madikwe, boy has he had to eat THOSE words!!

Their young family meant photographs continued – the memories were always important to capture and share! The first digital cameras captured used 4 megabyte cards and film was still the way to go – Minolta, Pentax or Olympus and many moments later!

Roll on 10 years, the children were now a lot older, much more independent and Digital Single Reflex Lens (DSLR) cameras had come a huge way! The salesman saw us coming a mile away – only 1 camera to share? Never! So out we walked 2 hours later, a lot lighter of pocket and a camera for each in hand, along with a number of lenses. Little did we know how our shared enthusiasm and passion for photography would continue to develop and grow. We both think, eat and dream photography almost every day. We cannot imagine our lives without picking a camera up, editing, reading up or researching a new technique or destination.

Please join us on our journey as we share many of the things we think about and have learnt, about photography in general, the best settings to use, the right combination of camera and lenses for what you want to capture and the most suitable software to consider using!!

Welcome to our first Safari Photography Blog!