STEWART PHOTOGRAPHY 2015 safari wrap up – Madikwe Game Reserve (part 3)

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One of the rarest sightings we “townies’ could get to see would be the rare black rhino.  Late one evening we were lucky enough to stumble across such an animal.  Being so late in the evening lighting conditions and taking decent pictures were extremely challenging, but my wife Sandy was on this particular safari with me, and she succeeded in capturing the mood perfectly.  What made this sighting even more interesting was that we stayed a very healthy distance away from this particular rhino, primarily as this breed has a reputation for the being the more aggressive of the two rhino species.  When we started to leave, another vehicle took our place, but was in a much closer attendance!!  Yes, you guessed it, the black rhino was not happy and proceeded to chase and challenge the replacement vehicle around the reserve, much to our relief.  Once again thank you Jonny for your experience.


The Black Rhino has a very different jaw to his White Rhino cousin


Our twice daily game drives supplied all with more than enough wonderful sightings on every trip, but the excitement isn’t limited to just the game drives.  Whilst back at the camp, you are almost guaranteed to be paid a visit by the local Dugga boys who take great pleasure in parking themselves at the bird baths within the accommodation area or you will find “Harry” the brown hyena and his close civet buddy hanging around camp at night for security reasons, so we were always kept on our toes on every wonderful safari to Mosetlha.  One thing I haven’t mentioned and must give some typing space to is the bird life on the reserve.  There is a huge variety of birds present at Madikwe, over 450 different species it is rumoured, so those of our parties who enjoyed their birds were treated to many rare and unusual sightings as well.