STEWART PHOTOGRAPHY – Welcome to our 2015 year end newsletter!

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It hardly seems possible that 2015 has come to an end so quickly and with no apparent warning and 2016 is now in full swing.  From a photographic and safari standpoint last year was outstanding is every way possible allowing us boundless photographic opportunities throughout the year, some examples of which we will detail below.  For those of you who experienced a Stewart Photography safari for the first time, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and that all of your expectations were met fully.  As you know Colin Mead decided at the end of 2014 to slowly take a back seat with the running and organising of the safaris for the following year, which saw the supporting emergence of Stewart Photography.  In our new role we decided to increase the number of safaris  from 10 in 2014 to 16 in 2015, which was a wise move as all safaris were fully subscribed to other than one.  We also made the decision to expand the amount and the quality of the tuition made available to our attending guests, by assisting with not just the taking of pictures and camera settings, but also to include guidance and tuition on the post processing of images once they were captured.  We hope that everyone who attended our safaris in 2015 found both of these extensions to our past service to be both helpful to their photography development and to also allow our clients more of a choice as to when they could book their trip.


There is no finer a sight than an adult leopard striding with purpose through the bush, especially when it is heading directly towards YOU!!


“Bath Time”  A large bull elephant cooling down at one of the waterholes in front of our camp!!