STEWART PHOTOGRAPHY – 2015 photographic safari wrap up

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2015 waS an amazing year for everyone attending one of our safaris, as our website testimonial page testifies to.  We welcomed many first time and returning overseas visitors to our safaris from all parts of the world, all of whom were blown away by the sightings they experienced and the close proximity we were able to view the animals from.  We welcomed both novice photographers going on their maiden safari, as well as, experienced shooters and non photographers also.  All enjoyed themselves tremendously and have promised to take another trip with us in the very near future.  We truly believe that anyone loving the South African bush or those just interested in increasing their photographic knowledge and ability will enjoy our safaris greatly. Although our prices have inevitably increased slightly in 2016, we continue to strive to keep our prices at a minimum and when comparing them to other safari companies offering similar experiences, I am confident that we are more than achieving this goal.

So what does 2016 hold in store for everyone?  I am not sure if you are aware, but the exclusive Rock Fig Safari Lodge is a very popular destination in the Timbavati Game Reserve, so much so, that in order to make a booking at this camp, you have to either book a year in advance or already have a booking from a previous year that might be renewable.  Over the years our clients have repeatedly asked us if it would be possible to organise a few longer safaris other than the 3 night/4 day stays arranged in the past.  Therefore, we are for the first time, offering extended safaris during July, August, October and November 2016.  We regard ourselves as having been extremely lucky in securing a whole week at Rock Fig Lodge in the Timbavati during these four months, as this now means that our clients have more flexibility as to how long they would like their safari to last.  One can either opt for the popular 3 night/4 day stay or choose the slightly longer 4 night/5 day option or finally, opt to stay the whole week.  We would like to thank those who suggested this idea, as we feel it will give everyone the flexibility so many have been looking for.  To review all safari dates for 2016, please visit our website at, where you will find the complete safari schedule of dates for the whole 2016.

Throughout the year on our stall at the Irene Market, we have been constantly asked to put together an introductory teaching course for digital cameras and photography, not just DSLR’s.  My wife Sandy has been working hard on putting together a basic course that will consist of one two hour session per week for four weeks, and will cover all aspects of digital photography, from the basic workings of a camera to understanding how to successfully capture pictures of a stunning quality.  Once again, we are keeping the course costs down to a minimum by either coming to your home or offering our own home as a venue for this photographic course.  Anyone who is interested in participating in such a course, please either contact us via our email or through our website or via our cell phone numbers – Sandy (083-702-8386) or John (083-722-6021).

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all of those who ventured into the bush with me in 2015 and I look forward to doing more of the same in 2016.  To those who wanted to take a safari with us but weren’t able to make it, I say try harder this year please, you are really missing out on something extremely special.  To those who haven’t considered such trip yet, I say take the plunge, its not just about photography, its about getting away for a short break with like minded people who enjoy having a good laugh and fun, and one thing we most certainly have, is lots of fun.


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