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Both John and I became avid film photographers in our early 20’s – John encouraged by his godfather / uncle and I by my dad. John shot with an Olympus and a Minolta whilst I shot with a Pentax. I had a super Tamron zoom lens that had a macro facility – I have always loved seeing the world from a different angle and feel truly privileged to have the wonderful gear that I have today. But remember, it’s never just about the gear! Our 15 year old nephew takes super, creative photos with his Samsung phone!

People who haven’t shot with film can only listen to how much more challenging it was, but we are not sure they can truly understand or appreciate those days of film. Unless one invested in learning all about darkroom and development, all film development was done at expert photo laboratories or “good old” CNA. We still remember that excitement and trepidation while we waited for a film to be developed with a “what do you mean it will take a week?” kind of impatience. You didn’t have the privilege of taking a random shot or 2 or 20 to check that your settings were good and we even carefully made a note of bracketing shots we tried out in the hope of getting that “perfect” shot!

Whilst there are definitely negatives to the “easy come easy go” speed of our modern digital world, the opportunity to immediately be able to evaluate one’s photographs and correct any settings straight away is one of the greatest things about digital photography today. A couple of pieces of advice? Back up, back up, back up …. oh, and did we say back up? …. and PRINT!! Print and show off, enjoy and share …. that is what it’s all about!!

We have learnt a lot from the mistakes we have made ourselves on this amazing, incredible digital photography journey as Photographers Johannesburg. We are extremely happy to share our learnings with fellow enthusiasts. From which lens and camera may be best-suited for your photographic needs, whether you should consider upgrading your equipment or software, which camera / lens combination to choose and even where to rent a lens from. Please do not hesitate to drop us a message in the form below.

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