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We are John and Sandy Stewart, passionate photographers who strives to meet your every photographic need whilst joining us on a wildlife safaris. This is our seventh year into running our photography business and all we can say is how much we love what we do! Every day brings us both new things to discover and learn about – be it technical photography or the business side of things. Despite over 50 years of commercial and business experience between us, we can still write reams about things that we’ve learnt to do differently!

How to describe ourselves? 

We were both born before the digital age. We have learnt and discovered that we love computers and technology. In fact, we find that gadgets and new technologies have become our addiction.

Our passion for photography began in the days of film. We can now truly say that we have come of age. We have watched our photography evolve with awe during the digital revolution which has swept through the photography world! We both learn new things all the time and love staying current with the latest trends and developments in the digital photography and technology worlds.

So what makes us special in this very competitive field?

Our passion at Stewart Photography is driven by sharing our journey of learning. There is nothing more satisfying for us than watching peoples’ faces light up as they discover the functionality of their own photographic equipment or learn how to take better photographs and become comfortable with post processing.

First prize for us is to get everything right “in camera” wherever possible. We are thrilled when guests surprise themselves with the ever improving quality of their photographs as they begin understanding the basics and core principles of taking a good picture. We delight in sharing the increased confidence of our guests as they move away from “auto” or “program” modes, and are able to produce excellent results by changing their camera settings themselves.

About us – Stewart photography

Both John and Sandy lead the wildlife safaris, focusing on coaching clients as they learn more about photography whilst exploring and enjoying the wonders of wildlife. They have also become avid campers – an “ideal” hobby in our glorious Southern African region of the continent, adding trips with clients to Kgalagadi National Park and Kruger National Park to date. This will be an expanded business area in the year ahead.

So what’s ahead for 2020?

As we head into our eighth year of operations, we will continue to expand the number of photographic safaris outside of our South African borders to include Chobe, Botswana. We truly look forward to offering some more amazing photographic opportunities to all our clients, existing and new!

Please enjoy browsing our Stewart Photography website.

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