Come along with us! We’re on an afternoon game drive, near Shingwedze camp, Kruger National Park. We head out in the mid-afternoon so we can get a little distance between us and the camp before the light becomes stunning. We’re driving along the river road, not seeing much because it’s still very hot.

Suddenly, we spot a lone female buffalo coming to the top of a fairly deep gorge on our left-hand side. We stop and watch. Then she turns around and heads back down and we can’t see her anymore! We continue to watch, carefully scouring the bush around us!

Then we spot one lion, then another, then another two.  We finally see SEVEN lions – one very large male, one female, and five fairly large sub-adults! They are all on our side of the gorge. They all suddenly head down into the gorge as well!

The next thing we see is a glimpse of the female buffalo running into the water with a sub-adult lion riding on her back! Despite not being able to take a single photo at the time, it’s a memory we will never forget!

We watch for about 15 minutes as the female Buffalo tries to get out of the waterhole, only to be chased back by the sub-adults. She then suddenly – and very luckily for us – comes up the side of the gorge and onto the road. She moves across now to our right-hand side. She’s tireless in chasing the young lions!

Then the male lion came strolling across. We can just see the “I’ll show you what to do children” attitude in every stride. We then can NOT believe our eyes as the female Buffalo gave chase!

There are no words to describe our feelings at this scene unfolding in front of our eyes, just meters away from us! I won’t say any more, but look!

We “high five” in glee as the female buffalo goes off into the sunset, leaving seven sad and hungry lions behind. 

Photo credit goes to John Stewart as well, my “partner in crime” at this incredible sighting!

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