"I've had an interest in photography ever since I was a child growing up in outback Australia, documenting (at the time) mostly death and mayhem on my parents 10, 000 ha "goanna" farm. More recently, somewhere around 2010, I started photographing the wildlife in southern Africa in earnest. I was never inclined, in the least, to go on a photographic "safari" but then one day in the bush I randomly met John Stewart and some of his clients. I was immediately impressed by John's infectious enthusiasm for all things wildlife, his generous nature, and his phenomenal photographic expertise.

Since then I have been on Stewart Photography photographic safaris to the Chobe River (x 3), Timbavati Game Reserve (x 4), and Gorongosa National Park (x 1). As we would say in Australia, there has been a "seachange" in the quality of my wildlife photography. John's influence has been monumental. Just look at my older photographs on 500px (500px.com/scarletsedition) and you will see first hand that the recent photographs show a dramatic improvement.

Two words explain this improvement: Stewart Photography!"

Anthony Weston - Australia"Seachange" - a profound or notable transformation

“I have known John Stewart for a number of years due to our shared passion for photography and our love of wildlife and the African bush. John has gone away with me on numerous safaris, and we both have a multitude of photographs to prove it. He is a Nikon man and I am a Canon man, but that works well for us both. On several occasions during last year and the whole of this year John has played a very active role in helping me with the administration and practical running of the safaris, adding his humour and infectious personality but also his significant expertise and ability to teach and share photographic knowledge on our safaris, which assists every budding and keen photographer to get better photographs than they did before. I had intended to decrease the frequency of these safaris, but with John’s active participation and leadership these have actually increased in frequency. And the increased photographic opportunities have not disappointed our clients at all. John’s input has been invaluable to me on these safaris, and I would like to express my appreciation to him in this note.”

Colin Mead - South AfricaShared love of the African bush

“Some time ago a friend suggested that we go on a Photo Safari with a Professional photographer John Stewart, and having seen some of her stunning shots of wildlife, taken under his tutelage, I readily agreed. I have been doing photography for about 50 years and have my walls adorned with many framed prints – usually wildlife, which I thought were quite good. I have to say that I learned more with John on a three-day trip to Madikwe, that I had learned in the past twenty years. His awesome knowledge and huge patience drove my learning curve off the scale. His easy-going style and ultra-helpful advice, in a hands-on way, produced for me the reason to remove all of the wildlife prints off my walls and replace them with something that I regard as far superior because I followed John’s advice and listened carefully. I have already signed up for a trip to Timbavati with him and it will not be the last, but one of very many more. I can honestly and without any reservation, recommend John Stewart as a superb teacher and enthusiast for any photographer wishing to really up their game and their photographs of the game too!”

Paul Smyth - Ireland and South AfricaAwesome knowledge and patience

"I joined a tour with wildlife photographer John Stewart. This was a unique experience in the bush! Even all the game in the parks enjoy the experience! When John takes his huge Nikon lenses and take photographs of the lion, rhino, cheetah, leopard, elephant, buffalo (the big five) and other animals ... they all seem to pose in many different positions for him.

His knowledge combined with the skills of the ranger and the tracker give you a perfect adventure in the bush. Share this magical photography tour in the bush with John and find how enjoyable and impressive it really is. You will also experience the roar of the lion and the laughter with John/"

Ulrich Reimann - GermanyShare this magical photography tour

"My wife Norma and I attended our first Stewart Photography safari to Mosetlha (Madikwe Game Reserve) in September 2014. Both from a photographic learning experience and game viewing opportunity it was an outstanding trip that left us wanting more. Our trip to Rock Fig (Timbavati Game Reserve) in May 2015 can probably never be bettered in terms of the numerous photo opportunities, especially seeing a Leopard in the most unlikely circumstances - sharing a meal with a Hyena!

We have stunning photos to prove it! The organisation of the Stewart Photography photography safaris is slick, the game rangers are intimately knowledgeable and the tuition offered is invaluable to photographers at all levels. My wife is now addicted to photography. Needless to say, we are going back again in September.

Colin Parr - South Africa and England